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Hardly Just Jill

There are few things more exciting for a blogger -- at least for me -- than having serendipity step in and lead to a "discovery" of a designer. They don't need to be new, just new to me and of course in blogger land, that means not on the blogs or feeds. So an undiscovered gem so to speak. Or perhaps just someone I overlooked.

I felt that way when I first started blogging Ivey (Sn@tch) long ago, when I discovered MALT and now with Jill. I'm not sure exactly what makes a designer's work speak to me. Partly it is simplicity and line, partly perceived comfort -- something I would like to wear in RL. There are simply tons of talented folks out there. And some unfortunately are not in the spotlight they deserve.

The two black and white outfits above are new group gifts that can be found in the archives. What a pleasant surprise! Yeah.

So I was thrilled to find the shop as well as all the free examples -- both group and off the wall freebies. I love the little charcoal suit in the top picture. It comes with two pairs of stocking and there are many, many stockings on the wall inside the main shop for free. The zip up jacket above comes in a version for guys also. It is a group vendor gift.

This very cute Springy top is a free item. Find it along with all those stocking inside the doorway of the main shop. There are so many enticing things here, so take a bit of time and look around.

The group gift area is here, outside the main shop in a separate building.

Poses by LAP and Vain, shoes by Juicy, Hair by Amacci.


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