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RFL Clothing Fair - Part 3

Not everything at the clothing fair falls into the typical "clothes" category. There are adornments too by way of a jewelry and accessories shops here and there. This set called Everyday is from Trixie Bumbo of Primagine. It has a bracelet also. The silver version with pink stone is the RFL donation set. The pieces are resizable to the touch, but it fit me perfectly. There is a bling to turn on should you be one of the few that missed the bulletin about blings being passe (big wink). That was just me being sassy. You can of course have your bling if you want.

As I finished up the giant loop of the clothing fair booths I was once again amazed at the variety to be found. There are plenty of not too expensive items as well as some with heart stopping values. There are some LOVELY things for sure.

This great lingerie set in a dark coffee color is a gift from Avrele -- a new designer under the House of Rfyre brand. Her main store is located at Rfyre.

These cute rolled jeans with sculpty cuffs are perfect for the Spring just around the corner. They are a fair gift from Moonshine and come with two bright and fun tees. I paired them here with one of the tops by Snoc from a dollarbie fatpack.

This dress is also from Snoc as a dollarbie. I love the muted raspberry color.

And while I found this at the RFL fair, you might want to tp directly to the To-a-T shop to pick it up. The hat is only available at the Caledon shop and "me thinks" the hat makes the outfit. This is very very nice and NOT GREEN - LOL which makes it even better. Oh yes, and it's free! Explore the shop and the neighborhood while you are there. Lots of fun.

So that concludes my visit to the RFL clothing fair. There will be other events going on of course and I'll keep you updated.

Hair by Amacci and Catbird, Poses by LAP.


Nissa Nightfire said…
i've been meaning to tell you that I love this skin on you :)
Chic Aeon said…
Thanks Nissa. It's growing on me. Always difficult for me to change skin although clothes and hair is SO simple :D Some days I feel like "me" and others not, but I do like it very much. Appreciate the input.

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