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Money Money Money

I wasn't planning on an Op Ed piece today. I'll be taking some time off and a "be good while I'm gone" post is scheduled for tomorrow.

But this morning I opened my email to my very first refund request. This was for one of my most expensive items, bought in world INSIDE the demo. The lady was not happy with the plain wall texture inside the fully MOD build. 

I explained to her that she could easily tint the walls OR if she wanted wallpaper she could very easily put up some fake prim walls (at very little land impact); that I would not refund her money as there was no way she could return the mod - copy - NT item.

A very huffy email reply came back about building her own house, deleting, bad building, bad customer service. 

Now I KNOW it is her and not me - LOL. But really, it wasn't what I needed this morning. And a bunch more of my inventory disappeared during the latest database disaster. I knew it happened as someone wrote for a Marketplace redelivery -- which of course I fulfilled lickety split (BAD customer service gal that I am).

So with all that's been going on this last month or so, I really do need a break. I'll be in and out and IMs go to email should you need info or whatever. And yes, I will be creating elsewhere while I wait and see what is happening with my long time home.

The super cute piggy bank is from Sway's. Serendipity was good to me. I decided to go back one year and see what I was posting about. Piggy came up. Still have him. At least I "hope" I still do. You never know what has disappeared from the database until you need it.

Have a good Sunday.


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