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Goggling Chic

Now I am still "on vacation" but Berry's meme looked way too fun and I didn't even need to log in to do it. So here were go.

There were actually only about 10,000 results with my name in quotes, but this no quote result was a MUCH nicer screenshot complete with pictures.
My blog is the first link on the page.

The most surprising link (I didn't really look too far but it was pretty close to the top) was from Plurk about using a signpost in a Monsanto video film in SL. I am not sure if it was a positive or negative remark *wink*; I don't Plurk and didn't follow the link. There were lots of links to machinima, marketplace items, art, and some very references.  A few were from other blogs; some referencing me in a MOSP article.

You can see from the screenshot that the first three photos are actually portraits- the first from my blog, the second from Vimeo and the last from the Madpea blog. The third is from the University of Western Australia and is of a build that won second prize last year. The piggy is from last Sunday's post and doesn't say "chic aeon" anywhere on it. Google is a very good sleuth it seems.

In the MORE tab (with quotes) the only listing was from DailyTech about some hardware. My name wasn't mentioned; Google disregarded the quotes it seems. Same results without quotes.

Real Life

My real life name isn't terribly common but there about 17,000 mentions. MOST not me.

Of the first two pages there were two "white page" phone book entries, one of where I am living and one from my last home seven years ago.  On page two there was a mention of my work in an art book from long ago as well as some free graphics from almost 20 years ago (yes really and I would SO like that to disappear - LOL).

Among my RL name sisters I have always known about a famous porn star in Britain as well as a soccer star (high school and maybe now in college). There are some good looking ladies that share my name judging from the photos! There is also a sports broadcaster. I forgot about her. That wraps it up in the fame department.

To be honest, if you would have searched for my RL name 15 years ago it would have been ALL over the pages. I have gone to great lengths to get out of the Google Hall of Fame and I am very happy that I have been successful. Just one very old and very bad (in oh so many ways) photo is in the archives.

Much fun. 


How did you manage to get your stuff off of Google? I thought that would be impossible. It seems there are websites out there that I have no access to anymore that come up, would love to never see those again.
Chic Aeon said…
Well I deleted my very popular websites, got rid of the domains, etc. Time and quietness did the rest. Eventually if you do NOTHING of INTEREST, the search engines don't care about you much.

AND this was before Facebook and Google plus and all that jazz, so easier. You CAN make an almost empty page at those places so that there is not much to see. Google Plus keeps putting in my YouTube videos automatically though. I am not sure if getting off the engines can be done these days - LOL.

I did manage to get off all the catalog listings though by calling each one and asking to be removed from the mailing list and the buy, rent lists. They HAVE to do that :D.

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