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I am over at LEA6 as I write this. Each month my view at LEA7 changes. It is an interesting exercise watching what artist produce on their month long invitation. October's artist is Rebeca Bashly, with 'Colour Key'.  

A huge monolith abuts my sim. It is imposing to say the least. I haven't been around all that much these days but I finally made it over to see what was beyond the wall. 

It is minimalist and dark speaking of things we cannot know. At least that is my interpretation. I have some other questions that I will leave off these pages; op ed day has come and gone. There are crevices to explore and hidden areas which I could only see with my camera. There may be a way in of course. I am not the best slueth in the neighborhood.

My simply gorgeous outfit includes two separates from a large new release at BAIASTICE. With so many lovely things to choose from, I went for simple and classic. I feel both ladylike and VERY "put together".

Both the Emy high-waist trousers and the Roxie top come in a huge choice of colors. Be bright and bold or sedate and posh -- the choice is yours.The detailing is superb and the fit? Like a glove.

Sandals by BAIASTICE
Hair by eXxEsS
Jewelry by Acid & Mala

Poses by: aDORKable and Behavior Body


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