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War Zone


I wrote this post after a long weekend which in memory is simply a blur of constant typing. Emails, comments, post and reporting all in the name of possible victory.

I am calmer now mid-week and have moved into a state of almost blissful acceptance. Well, everything is relative. While I hope we can make a difference with our many voices, I think the only real test will be in court. That seems like a certainty as I have seen comments by content creators about their intent. Until then we are in a limbo land.

I plan to stick with my No More Uploads pledge as I can't support a grid who takes control of our content as we push the upload button. I am very happy over at Cloud Party, not a Second Life of course but full of promise and wonderful tech for mesh creators. I am making a home away from home there and am very grateful to have a place where I can build with joy.

So that is where "I" am at the moment. Wherever you are in this controversy, I wish you well.

And here is my original post for Op Ed Sunday.


It feels like a war zone these days, fighting for our livelihood, our world. Not everyone is in the fight of course -- and that's OK. We each have our own needs, our own responsibilities.

It's funny really as I pretty much never get involved in causes in real life. I am a low key kinda gal. I don't take up banners or march in parades. Even in my youth I wasn't one to riot or protest -- and that was very "in" then.

Not too sure how I made it to the front lines, I find myself quoted on other blogs. I cringe a little as while it might not seem so, limelight and I are not the best of friends. I am more of a behinds the scenes gal, at least it has been that way in the past.

I have wondered why this fight is so important to me. A friend suggested it was because of business concerns, but that isn't it. Lindens do translate into dollars and in my mind (no matter what The Lab wants the world to believe) they are currency. I would miss my little shop and all I have made should it disappear one day, but it isn't the income that I would morn, it would be the effort that went into the creations that were no more.

Since I have made my position on the TOS debate crystalline clear from the beginning, some of you may be wondering why I am still blogging designers who seem not to care. I haven't talked with many on any deep level; I don't know them that well and it is not my place. I suspect though that some are just as concerned as I am, they just don't have the luxury of being able to follow their hearts.

Many designers, especially the very good ones, support themselves and their families by creating in Second Life. They need to work to pay both their tier and their mortgage; that doesn't mean they are insensitive to what is happening around them. I am grateful they are working while I am not. They give me beautiful things to show you and that makes MY life better while I am waiting and hoping and fighting.

So support us all, those that are fighting (even if you don't agree, they are fighting for you too) and those that are keeping the home fires burning by continuing to work while the bombs are falling. We each have our place. We each have our paths.

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