Monday Memeing

This week's Monday Meme asks us for a picture of our screen. Well THAT is pretty darn easy and oddly I am curious about what others see.

I am not an official viewer gal like Berry and I actually use NO TOOLS other than the ones built into Firestorm. I do most often have these items open so my "helpful info" will be more about what I use and why.

Favorites Bar --  It took me years to discover this feature and use it. Now I have the places that I visit the most often up there in that bar for one click TPing.

MOSP Hud -- always on my screen so that I can get to SOME of the many places easily; others are in the favorites bar and now and then I actually have to find a landmark. Well fifty different areas make keeping track a bit difficult.

Camera and Movement Controls - - from my birth I used these and they are always on my screen.

Facelight controller -- While I don't always have may facelight on, I use it often for photos and leave it on my screen. This is the CG Facelight which is scripted for brightness, range, color etc. I made my own "dim" version which is great and can be added to the original to fine tune the lighting when needed.

Quick Preferences -- Now I don't leave my quick preferences panel open but it is my most used tool in Firestorm so I am showing it off here. So easy to scroll through Windlights and make other adjustments. 

That's my screen. Info on my wearables coming up in tomorrow's post. There is freeness included so you'll want to check back.

Poses by: LAP (nla)

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    # by Strawberry Singh - January 23, 2014 at 5:52 AM

    The favorites bar is actually one of my favs as well and I'm so happy that they finally put that in. Thanks for sharing your screen. <3