Small to Large - The Grid Exchange

This week's Sunday post is primarily about surprises. There is a little fashion thrown in but the real point is that we often have to leave home to discover its goodness. So, hopefully, readers as well as fashionistas will be happy campers this week.

Most of you know I am spending time in Inworldz these days. Like a small percentage of the TOS refugees I prefer to build in a happier climate. I am still in SL of course, I just don't build here any longer.

I didn't really expect to be charmed by the smaller grid but the wafting of old time memories of SL keep flowing over me as I explore the more intimate environment. What surprises me most is that I found SL content creators I love by going to Inworldz. I know! Bizarre.

One of my favorite fines in IW has been REAL EYES. I was wandering the IW grid (not terribly hard when it is small) and being a good sleuth, looking at the neighborhood wherever I happened to land.  Happily one TP hop took me to the vicinity of the REAL EYES shop which has both system and mesh eyes. I have a fair amount of lovely eyes in IW after only three weeks, so OF COURSE I wanted to see the shop in SL.

These blue numbers were a gift in IW today (a week ago as you read this) and they were happily in the group archives when I joined at the SL shop this eve. There are many gifts in both stores, more in SL. Both system eyes as you see here and mesh are available. I am mightily impressed with these beautifully rendered creations. I seldom wear blue but these photograph beautifully.

If you are a member of the SL group, you can have a free pair of system eyes of your choice in IW. When I get a bit of breathing time I will go back and peruse more carefully. There are some great fantasy eyes at the shops also.

These are my new LaRoo boots. The setting? The city I have been building in Inworldz. Fooled ya?  Some of you I bet. There isn't a lot of fabulous footwear in IW; gals that love heels and that famous maker of mesh feet and hands goodness lament at times. But good news for the small grid, LaRoo is bringing heels over soon. ME? I am perfectly happy to live in these Clyde boots.

Happily they are mod and unrigged mesh which often works better for me (fat ankles I guess). You can tint the metal parts to match your outfit and indeed I did in my currently ONE fashionista getup mostly made of group gifts. I really have been way too busy to shop.

So that is my tale of the evening. I wanted to get it down on paper while I was thinking of the strange ways the universe works.

A special thanks to those of you who ONLY seem to read my Op Ed Sunday pieces. I don't know how else to explain that the page views often double on Sunday. It makes me happy to know you enjoy reading. Heck, it makes me happy to know folks are still READING at all !