Leave Those Horns On

Can you say wow? I can.

Just out from Eclectica, two stunningly attention getting sets, Artifact and Relic.  Now it may have been the names that got me in fantasy mode, but indeed -- I left my horns on. I personally think I look super!

Oftentimes I am tardy with new releases from Eclectica. I love them but I have to wait for the right outfit to come my way. Not this time. You want simple for this set. It stands on its own and any kind of fanciness would be overkill -- at least in my Styling 101 class *wink*.

The sets include bracelets, necklaces and earrings. I, personally would not wear these all at the same time; I just wanted you to see the glory. These items are material enabled and I can see from the vendor photo they look smashing with the extra feature. I have not updated yet; I am waiting for Firestorm's material viewer to get out of beta. So, the very good news is that the set is superb even for those of you that cannot -- and will not  be able to -- see materials.

The items are non-rigged mesh, are resizable and come with a hud that also let's you pick your stone colors. There are plenty to choose from. There are also various metal tones to choose from (each set is one tone), all lovely.

It difficult to pick a favorite between the two new releases. Always an option to get both!

Poses by: aDORKable