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Gypsy in Me

Gypsy in Me

From !dM deviousMind @ The Gacha Garden, the Talaitha release.

The set is packed full of options including hairs and jewelry. A bit from the notecard:
Each round of gameplay rewards you with one random color, "Talaitha" consists of 2 sets [set A: top & panties set, set B: silk skirt with pasties & ornaments] in 6 common colors each, for a total of 12 commons. On top come 3 unique rares: the gypsy's hair, with rich ornaments and bead strings running over the shoulders, the druid's hair with impressive horns head crown, and a gypsy jewelry set. The rares come with color menu for all 6 common colors to complete the look. The two hair rares come as well with a tinting hud so you can achieve your most ideal hair color. :)
I am wearing pieces from the Black Ruby set along with garters and jewelry. These are for Lara and Hourglass mesh bodies.

With such a varied collection, I suspect that most folks will have their favorites to try for. Trading should be good!  These are my personal picks.

Trompe Loeil - Tiena Caravan Earthen
Trompe Loeil - Brier Trees
ChiC buidilngs Walkable Hills (mesh)
ChiC buildings Rock and Grasses

Hair by DeLa, Cheri

Poses by: Di's Opera available at Cosmopolitan - the Graceful Sets


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