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Spanning Genres

Spanning Genres

Over at H&G Expo 2017 (opens May 19th) it is easy to span decades -- well even centuries. Asian houses mix with barns, Egyptian monoliths neighbor vast landscaped areas; mingling abounds.

The by Dorian Summer House is a RFL donation item; find it on Hope 4.

Romantic and well-made it fits perfectly among flowers from FelixvonKotwitz. I will be checking out those three sims soon. That is one of the great things about Expo and events in general; not only can you shop the offerings, you can shop the decorations. Creators often times have EXCELLENT taste (and why shouldn't we). So if you spot something you love, just right click and INSPECT. Follow the breadcrumbs and discover new places.

My outfit is the Roawenwood Tavern Mistress Gown (yes, really -- clothes! :D). Various dark shades are available via hud. Find it at WLRP.

Also at WLRP, some very pretty Bento Rings with the ability to change stone colors and turn off some rings if you don't want to see them all (I have index finger ring off in this shot). Right and left hands in silver and gold for Maitreya.

I bet you know where to look for these; the MEVA booth.

Poses by: Di's Opera


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