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Freebie Saturday - Three

all free but ONE body

It's the weekend again and time for timely free stuff. STUFF is the word today as the clothing items featured are all part of the "stuff" hunts.

But let's back up a bit. The tagline for this post could easily be -- everything free but the car.

NOTE Saturday Afternoon:  The car that had been there for several days was replaced and while there is still a free car, it is not this stellar car (sorry if you weren't speedy enough). The new gift is only 51 land impact but missing all the great detailing that I showed in the photos.  (Thanks to a reader for reporting.)

HOWEVER, the actual tag line is everything free but the mesh body on the right :D. Yep, the car is free for all for $0. Now see why you should be watching this blog? 

So just be patient a bit and let's talk about the Stuff Hunts. There are five going on at present. We skipped the kids hunt and the pose hunt only had six folks some with just one pose as the prize (???) so they won't get much coverage.

However, I am pleased to report that there were plenty of great things to pick up. The hunt includes landmarks to the next stop in the prize you pick up. There is also a website with both hints and teleport buttons. YOU WILL NEED BOTH as some are correct on the website and others not and the reverse is true (with some actually in the hunt now but not listed on the website).

Since many of you are intrepid hunters I have no worry. Only a few color coded  shirts required stellar camming skills. Note that many stores are in more than one hunt so make sure you aren't buying mens or kids if you are looking for gal-wear.

Here is the lowdown of new goodies in this post:


~EccentriciXi~ Jacket Chilly -  Purple  worn with
~EccentriciXi~ Leggings Dee Darks

many sizes including eBody as shown


RGDW - Mesh Men's Coat with Sweater - Tweed - Fitted Mesh


!!! Lune~Bleue Frost Play
Skirt and tank are one garment; car coat another

Now for the car.

Absolutely gorgeous with outstanding details. I didn't drive it since I actually wanted it for a prop. Good LODs (so many cars do NOT have this and fall apart visually which will not work in a filming and photography sim :D).

There is a caveat. The car is 110 land impact. If you have the prims -- or simply want to drive on public roads, this is an amazing gift.


Poses by: aDORKable, Diesel works and Amitie


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