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Trailer Trash

trailer trash

I grew up in trailer parks. I never thought of myself as "trailer trash". I had a 3.7 GPA and made honor society. I wore "proper" clothes and had a steady boyfriend -- well at least part of the time.

Still, there was a stigma then; those that couldn't afford a real home. It may still be around, but hopefully vagabonding has become more of a purpose and not so much something to avoid.

I ventured out tonight looking for a grungy area. My old landmarks mostly went to places no longer there and eventually I ended up in Dead Drop, a long time RP sim which I hadn't visited since there was a pose prop contest long ago.

I found a trailer park, mostly empty as prices are $5 a prim, with a super cute trailer and took my photos.

Here is the scoop.

Bonny pants (brave gals only need apply) from MEVA at Shiny Shabby. A color hud lets you change various parts easily.

This super cute fur vest with toggles can be found at Cosmopolitan; look for the adorsy - Nagia Fur Mini Vest.

Older items include:

{MYNX} Aria Crop Tank - Maitreya Black Flora
(Kunglers) Ionna bangles - ebony


Poses by: Everglow


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