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Vintage - FLF

vintage heater FLF {what next}

Out for Fifty Linden Friday at {what next} a vintage space heater with oh so many colors to choose from via hud. So cute!

I plopped this lovely down in a "sound stage" that I was working on this morning. MOSP is returning with lots of great photo op spots and 20 minute rez times -- perfect for photographers, bloggers and of course filmmakers (the M for machinima).

My locale could definitely be vintage, back in the day when going to the gym was THE thing and gym bunnies had better outfits than many runway models *wink*. Yes, I was there, three hours a day -- but not in bunny mode.

Other credits include the Work It sign from [Since1975] at Gacha Guardians, lots of yoga mats from Cheeky Pea (ancient but still looking good) and some photogenic bamboo from Dysfunctional Designs (old and likely not available).

soundstage 3 - Machinima Open Studio Project

The sound stage building is in pre-release form as I am concentrating on set design this month. It may or may not make it into the retail world. {what next} golf carts out front.


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