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Full Spectrum Palette

beach shack

Long ago and far away I used to teach color theory in college. Even folks from the University would take my art class to learn what wasn't taught in the higher priced school -- and I was happy to have them.

Along with the traditional Complementary, Triad, Split Complimentary and such I added a few themes of my own. I didn't invent them of course, I just named some of the systems that artists had been using for decades.

One of the hardest to pull off in a painting was "full spectrum".  We don't really think about it, but many times our world view is missing parts of the color wheel;  think dense forest, ocean vista etc.   Full Spectrum makes sure all of the primary and secondary colors are in the palette.

While I didn't actually inspect this top shot closely, it definitely has the FEEL of a full spectrum capture -- and vibrancy to boot.

On the left:

Entice - Alone Again - Animal  FabFree Group Gift (in center rotunda)  Fits eBody Classic as well as other popular mesh bodies.

Hair: Wasabi Pills

On right:

Baiastice Betta Outfit at Collabor88.  A full range of colors and choices of course. Semi-sheer and solid tops are both available.

Funky Pearly Bracelet [nla]
Amacci Earrings - Lindsay

eXxEsS : Oxenia

A not to be missed group gift (one color) from Mosquito's Way - Betty, can be found in a small box on some shelves in the corner of the shop. Love these!

Beach Shack by Dead Row Designs

Poses by: aDORKable and the chair


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