Retro Fever

retro fever

How many of us remember when soda came in bottles as part of the natural order?  Well,  few I am guessing. Not a fan of aluminium cans for oh so many reasons, I am happy to inform you of two new releases letting you move back in time to a "better" era.

From No. 59 at Ultra (new location) -  the Softdrink WoodCase Set which includes crates and bottle groups to rez. Wearable bottles with a very natural Bento animation are included and the crates give out drinks to visitors.

The SixPack Carange set includes wearable and rez carriers which dispense drinks. A hud let's you choose if you want your carrier to give out drinks as well as which hold pose is used. Sound effects are included and a straw appears for the bottle after it is "opened".  The bottle disappears when friend's finish their drinks.  Find this version at Tres Chic.

My outfit is a new release from adorsy at Cosmopolitan - the Bernice Overalls and top come in plenty of colors and patterns with some texture change options within the garments.


Pose by: Pffiou! [nla] and the bottle and carrier with AO.