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Questions about Tilia (updated)

Today, July 16th the official Tilia forum thread was closed.  While there were still unanswered questions from early in the thread as well as new ones (I posted two  over the weekend) there were no more ANSWERS from Linden Lab.

The official post advised citizens to contact support with their individual questions.

Remember you have until the end of the month if you want to make any Tilia specific changes -- such as sending dollars out to Paypal for the last time in order NOT to be required to accept the Tilia TOS and Privacy Statement.

If you are coming here from a web search, here is my history of Tilia with reference to the SL forums. 

Update: A week after the town hall meeting there was still no written transcript (officially promised - speedily even :D) and of course the FAQ page that was supposed to offer answers (also officially promised) was still closed.  It's been very quiet.   I am not so secretly waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am thinking maybe in three months.  Then again that shoe may stay on the edge of the bed --- in wait.   

The official Tila FAQ page was updated with a promise that it would be translated into various languages before the end of the month. But since a lot of "promises" have been broken lately that chore may not be completed. Some readers are still confused after reading the FAQs -- this from forum comments asking other residents for clarification. 

A well written technical PR piece on security was published. 


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