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The Jingle of Coins

The allure of the exotic. The rustle of silks.

Chandra has one again come up with something special.  Beautifully weighted and lovingly detailed the Nite&Daey set is stunning.  Plenty of choices in the Lootbox release let you express your moods. Sultry or playful? Vintage or Fantasy.  Other items in the set include stylized ears and tail. Eleven color from pastels to jeweltones can be mixed and matched for various looks.

By deviousMind

Some spectacular rocks and water elements combine in the newly released Trompe Loeil  Taleo Hot Springs Pool. PG and A versions are available and a quiet pool and small patio are built into this 42 land impact beauty.  A one-step personal grotto; love it!  Find it here.

Landform cliffs by ChiC buildings

Pose by: SEmotion at Cosmopolitan


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