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Tilia Goes Live? (Updated August 1)

Updated Monday, July 29th

Friday afternoon someone posted on the forums that the previous problem with "needing more info" when it wasn't August 1st yet had been changed.  Now there were happy green checkmarks where -- for awhile -- people had been asked to put in more info in order to transfer dollars to Paypal.

This sounds good, but in fact it was just a different type of "broken" since it was discovered that even those who shouldn't have been able to cash out to Paypal had that check mark -- even a brand new made alt account.  Hmmmm.

Two forum threads discussed the Processing Credit Bug.  And last evening Grumpity came on the forums to explain.

A friend told me just now that he processed to Paypal over the weekend "as usual" so I am planning on trying again on Tuesday.  Note that should you want to send dollars outside to Paypal after August 1 you will very likely need to add information to that "more info needed" link (which will appear again after they get this worked out).

Again, for folks who haven't been reading about this, if you have a USD balancd in your SL account and  do NOT want to "accept" the Tilia TOS on August 1 -- you will need to either cash out to Paypal OR buy some linden dollars ($2.50 is the minimum).  Buying dollars will take money from your USD balance first and then charge your credit card or Paypal.

People with NO USD balance in their SL account shouldn't see any messages at all on August 1; that is what we have been told anyway.  Fingers crossed.

Original post is below.

The "voluntary" personal information form for Tilia went live yesterday. See this offiial post which by the way is NOT in the main blog release channel and will not appear on your dashboard,  surprising a few citizens for sure.  I was able to process credit out to Paypal on Saturday as usual but by Monday my choices were to give Linden Lab my Social Security number or keep my lindens as lindens.  Yes, some eyebrows were raised.

Some folks are now left holding lindens that they WOULD have transferred to Paypal, some over $2000 US.  I am puzzled why anyone would leave that much "cash" sitting in the Linden Lab coffers, but we each do things differently. Personally I will have  less than a hundred US dollars worth of "extra" lindens with which to start the next phase of my SL life.  I am OK with that. I do feel sorry for those that got caught in the early instigation of the new personal info requirement.

Most of us it seems expected ALL parts of the Tilia changes to happen on August 1.  That was our assumption; it proved to be incorrect.  There has been a lot of misinformation with Tilia with several "promises" from the lab simply not happening. To my knowledge the transcript of the Town Hall never appeared, the FAQ page is "supposed" to be updated for various languages BEFORE August 1 (a little late now since you can no longer process credit without the extra security questions being answered). Grumpity's claim that most accounts that had been previously processing credits would not need to add more information appears to be false --- at least from reports on the SL forums.

I am REALLY very disappointed. 
Welcome to the new world --- several days early.

So far there has been no verification that anyone has been able to process USD credits out to Paypal without filling in the new personal info form -- this including people who have been cashing out to Paypal regularly.  Residents are calling for more info on what IS and ISN'T really happening. If some official word appears, I will update this post.


Grumpity Linden just confirmed on the forums that people "should" be able to cash out to Paypal until August 1. I have not personally tested this to find it true. Here is her forum post.

A bit before noon on the 23rd someone on the forums reported  that they tried to purchase lindens and were sent to the "more personal info" page -- the one where US folks need to add their Social Security number as well as take photos of ID and such. The person had NO USD balance and always uses a credit card to buy lindens and pay membership fees. So be prepared for some bumpy waters. Things will hopefully be fixed and working by August 1. Fingers crossed.

Update August 1: 

Tilia Day arrived with little fanfare.  People who had no USD balance in their account were able to log in (thanks to all the ruckus made by forum members) without knowing it was happening at all.  There will of course be confused people, those that didn't even know this was in the works.

For historical reference I am noting that some actions that LL stated would happen, did not.  To my knowledge and I have asked with no replies, there was never a transcript of the Town Hall meeting. We were also told that the Tilia section of the Knowledge base  would be translated into various languages for our non-English citizens BEFORE Tilia Day.

Later edit noon August 1:   A few things have changed since the Lindens last updated the populous.  Here is the new official Tilia is Live post. 

Later edit mid-afternoon August 1:  The Tilia FAQ pages appeared for various languages.


Some of my friends didn't care at all and easily sent in their Social Security numbers, others considered it "selling their soul" but necessary or they would not have real life money to survive.  A few of us opted out of cashing out in the future.  And that is the story of July 2019 and the Tilia TOS.    


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