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What's New in Bellisseria - July 1

The new traditional areas are well underway with several sims being completed and released. The landscaping is indeed gorgeous and there are more plants than in many of the original sims. Waterways, creeks and inlets add to the curb appeal and there are many excellent lots to be claimed.

On June 20th the new camping trailers were unveiled at SL16B. Four styles were featured with some variances of exterior textures for some models. This (my favorite) cedar siding tiny home was missing from the festive locale -- possibly because it is not in the 1950s theme.

Most of us who have been watching the SSP sims over the last nine month are guessing that these will go on the mountainous area which are SSPE84 and their neighbors. There is no confirmation on that at this point, only hints on the SSP map.

On June 24th at the Meet the Lindens talk Patch unveiled the new plan for releases of homes.  M-W-F releases of on region which adds approximately 60 available plots per week. Current turnover as reported by forum folks rerolling is approximately six per day. That is completely unofficial but some folks are running refresher 24/7 so seems like they would have a pretty good idea. People in Europe seem to be doing better than those based in the US -- but one commented that they have a 5G connection which seems to make a big difference.

When questions about timing arose on the forums, Quartz Mole had this to say:

Also new on June 24th a new larger "tiny home" with lots of livability!  There will be eight trailers in all -- some camping and others more for homes.   See them all at the SL16B campgrounds.  The new versions of the trailers theme will be placed on 512 lots.  The 257 li (above) of the building  doesn't count against your plot.

The camper - trailers will be a main group release. No date on that yet; I am guessing August since the first inworld activity (SSP) showed up on the map on the 26th, but they may release sooner -- or not until September.

When asked (by me) to confirm the assumption that he said there would be later releases of 1024 plots with trailers, Patch replied:

An unofficial pole on the forums immediately after the release method change seemed to suggest that the majority of people were happy with the new release plan, but as the second release on Wednesday rolled around it became apparent to some that chances of getting a plot were still not good. The first 15 plots disappeared in a few seconds (like 2), the second release of 25 in about seven seconds (this from reports of people trying for them).  So a fair amount still of unhappy folks.

Personally, I gave up on my idea of making a community "halfway house" for all the homeless citizens; my alt purchased a very nice beach plot of mainland for $1,500 and that free tier 1024 parcel will be a new display area for my shop.  I am extremely happy that I was one of the first to get a parcel when the homes were released. That was a super fun day filled with much camaraderie and joy.  I can't say that the people trying to get a home now are having that same experience.

On July 28th Patch narrowed the release window. That day's plots went in three seconds in the early hours of morning.

This will likely be my last Bellisseria post for awhile. The new areas of traditional houses and houseboats will be happening for quite awhile and the process is well documented.  If you are interested in joining "The Chase for the Houses", I suggest watching the SL forums. Some folks seem to be enjoying the game within a game within a game; for me it was beyond frustrating and certainly not how I wanted to spend MY time :D    There are several ongoing threads about building, finding, getting and decorating the plots where you can keep abreast of happenings.

There is a new ferry boat at the new Bellisseria Fairgrounds. It takes awhile to arrive and is a bit choppy in its movement --- AND it dropped me in the middle of the bay! But it is cute. A friend told me it goes in a circle (sometimes, anyway). It may end up connecting to some part of the mainland at a latter date. The future will tell.


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