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25 Tuesday Picks

It's a good morning for shopping!    My favorite wearable  from the larger than normal list of participants on 25 Tuesday is this outfit from Cleo Design Shop. Top and pants are separate, come in various mesh body fits as well as various color sets. 

There isn't much material used in the back of the shorts, so they no doubt will get little use, but I love the top!  The top also works for eBody FREE gals. 

In the Home and Garden Department, we have a set of outdoor furniture from Bloom!.  This linked set is packed full of details and parts and pieces can be unlinked and used separately.   The triangle count is reasonable and even better if you leave off the food and centerpiece :D.   You know those pesky details!

Animations ALL sync which isn't great, but if you have some skills and AVsitter (now free to download) you can fix that.   

Happy shopping!  

Poses by: SE Motion


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