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Picking up Trash and Seasonal Gifts

There is a simple and fun Earth Day "hunt" going on over at Cohiba Bay and it features among other gifts (some great and some VERY nostalgic) these lovely bushes from Studio Skye.  A full perm but quite nice rowboat is another gift (it apparently had oars and you could row it at one time but only a prop now) and a very pretty Hindu Ganesha from Ubud Monkey forest.  

This is a short time hunt so get over there SOON :D.   


The hunt is fast and fun. Just buy the trash bag (honestly I thought this was a great gift too :D) and click on the trash on the ground. It reappears and you will get some of the same gifts over again. There is also a swim hud but I didn't try that out. 

Other free landscaping is out as a group gift from (Fundati).  This every season group gifting was announced as the year turned and there are some very nice presents. This is a pay group but you also get a discount on newly released items.  So you decide if this works for you. 

This last set would mix very well with the Studio Skye items. 


Oona said…
Wow that was fast, gone 4/24!

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