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Fantasy Faire 2021 - A Snapshot Tour

Fantasy Faire opened a couple of hours ago.  Sometimes the draw is shopping, sometimes roleplay events, sometimes the hunt -- and SOMETIMES the builds.  This is a builds year no doubt about it.  Creativity can be seen in any direction.   I had a great quick tour and took some snapshots to give you an idea of what to expect --- this assuming many of you are still sitting behind computers taking a "coffee break" (wink).  

My adventures may be a bit on the easier side than yours.  There is no better place to test a new computer than Fantasy Faire.  I turned all the people off of course using "Show Only Friends" and I, myself, went in invisible mode -- also to get out of the way of the photos.   So here are the snapshots --  all these using the Windlight - EEP settings of each sim with no post processing. 


Amethyst Rift

Cerulean Bombora

Dark Awakening

Fairylands Junction


Isles of Tarrin


Khol Dracys

Ling Xiao Long



Pear Thura

Peaville Goes Nuts


Somniatoris Arx

Tempest Bay

The Seventh Valley


Wandering Woods

Yin yYang


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