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A Gardeners Life

Gardening has been part of my summer -- well since I was 20. And it is most often a part of my virtual homesteading also.  City or country -- doesn't matter. I love watching things grow.  Sometimes it has been an acre garden, sometimes a few pots outside the front door; I apparently need to have things to "tend".  

The Machinima Open Studio Project had a variety of growing areas, farm stands and the like. I can't seem to build an installation or create a home styling that includes land and not have the earth being of use. 

I was thinking about my ties with the earth today (and yes, this IS a filler post -- better than an empty date I think and hope you agree) because for the first time EVER,  I have a gardener!!!  I feel very posh of course and my front and side yards look like  parks so that's good too.   I still have all my pots and planters and rail boxes with flowers herbs and lots of potatoes (seemingly the crop of the year and doing very well).  I have plenty to personally tend and enjoy.

So, if you are wondering what to do with that empty space in your back yard ----- 


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