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Raw Shots

Those of you that are photographers may have noticed that I am a facelight gal. I know; I know!  Long, long LONG ago I adjusted the most popular model on the grid and I am still using my "dim" version.  But now and then natural lighting is a lovely thing -- a present from Mother Nature and the Windlight creators. 

That resistance is futile time is coming soon and my version of Firestorm will be retired. I am going to see if the Opensim version will work well enough for me and if so I will likely stick with Windlight; if not I imagine I will grapple with EEP.  But TODAY -- it was just me and the early morning light. 

It's MONDAY and that means you have a fifty fifty chance that it is a new round of Cosmopolitan. You are in luck; it is!   Out from Kunglers, the Sayuri earrings with texture change hud.  These lovelies can work with both casual and dressy attire -- perfect for summer on-the-go  days. 

Pose by: aDORKable


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