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Weekend Sales - Thinking of Fall

A new heat bubble is heading across the US; it appears it will bypass my corner of the world this time --happy I am.   Autumn isn't all to likely on our minds these days; the air conditioner is on and I admit to ice cubes in my wine (what can I say; it's refreshing).  But in less than two months there will be a shift in climate. Shorts may still be you choice of attire but not so much the skimpy bandeau tops and such.  

Which brings us to this weekend and my personal picks. 

In the clothing arena we have both shorts and layered jacket (sold separately) from Fashionably Dead.   Both "layered camp shirt" and "cozy shorts" come with huds. The shirt lets you change the solid color trim and hoodie as well as the cropped tee underneath.  The shorts hud let you change the belt.  With lots of plaids to choose from and a big selection of secondary and tertiary hues to coordinate with, picking your favorites might be tricky.  It took me awhile but I ended up with the "faded purple shirt" (with no purple in evidence :D) and charcoal shorts. 

The shorts demo is great and has the names of the colors superimposed over the color swatches so you can see exactly what color is what name.  The shirts are more tricky but the screenshot vendors pretty much lead you to your choices.   

Both shorts and jacket fit Moonlight with eBody free.  The shorts that fit are the Legacy brand, the jacket was Maitreya.  Now I am not sure what the issue is but lots of clothes fit Moonlight strangely in the abdomen area; Basically they fit as if she was about eight months pregnant -- which she is not.  It may be the shape I made for her or it may be something intrinsic with the eBody brand mesh body.  But if you love this outfit and have eBody or eBody free, give the demos a try. I got the fatpack of shorts for her since fitting IS very much an issue.  

The truck which comes in two versions, one as a pose prop is a gacha out at Tropix.  I have no idea what the original gacha price was or even if this is in fact on sale. The gacha machine charges $69L per  play. There are two RARES (this is one and happily my favorite).   There are many plain trucks in various colors as commons. I won the Harvest Truck 02 on my second pull.   These have very good LODs for long distance viewing, hence my playing.  You can't really go wrong as you get some kind of truck each pull.  The harvest truck comes packed full of animations for both inside the cab and outside the truck -- a great bonus that I didn't expect. 

While everything so far was welcome additions to my inventory the  "LOVE - MILLWOOD WODDLAND SCENE KIT trees bushes grasses ferns"  wins the prize for value.  This is a big big set and could fill the need for landscaping  for many folks.  Four grasses, plenty of ferns and shrubs and trees.  Really,  a great set.  I bought the "LOVE - DANDELION DREAMS PACK" also. It comes with a variety of shapes of dandelion fields (smallish) as well as some with lights.  These come with floating stationary particles that are perhaps meant to be floating seed.   They are pretty but I opted to select just the face of those prims (all one material) and make them transparent.  Another time with a mood with more romance and fantasy I may opt to leave them.   

So ends the report on this week's weekend shopping. It was fruitful!

Hair:  *barberyumyum*S15(03) from a recent Fifty Linden Friday

Poses by: the truck, Hera, Exposure


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