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Notable at Cosmo

I have to admit that awe and wonder have not been adjectives I could use honestly when talking about events of late. Whether it is too many venues or a year and a half of COVID -- let alone all the OTHER things that are notably wrong in the world,  a lot of creative spark seems to be missing from current offerings.  September IS looking a bit better -- yes, well every "bit" helps, and I wanted to point out some items of note freshly on the runway at Cosmopolitan.

From  no.match:  ~ NO_BOY  which comes with two styles (the other more bangs) and a streak hud.  This is a wedged cut "half-hair" that works with your hair base. 

From Kunglers: Yasmine ring which comes in many mesh body rigging styles and includes a color hud for various parts of the oversized ring. 

My romper is from [Aleutia]; the Harlow Romper - Floral Patterns (not new but OH SO CUTE). 

Other items to look for include:

Compulsion's Breakfast Tray  has gorgeous textures and great LODS with  "game asset" triangle count.  So if something like this is missing from your inventory, you will want to grab it,

The Neon Glam set from the  K & S Store is sold as a fatpack as well as in parts and is available in both PG and A versions. THIS is the color scheme; no versions :D.    Good LODs and reasonable triangle count for the style.

There are some other gems to be found but I'll let you discover those on your own.  Have fun!

Pose by: SEMotion


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