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Uber Anniversary Hunt

I was enthused when I read that Uber's Anniversary gifts were to be garnered by hunting rather than the hop and grab that has become the event celebration norm.  Better for the actual shoppers and better for the creators since the actual shoppers can get into the venue to -- well SHOP.  Hunt info here.

But damn if there isn't a "but" coming :D.

I did the hunt in five sections of about an hour each. Sometimes it was fun; sometimes not. I quit in the middle because it seemed like I was getting nowhere so far as bloggables. Later I decided to return and give all the creators a chance to impress me.  

Here is the skinny on hunt mechanics.  I didn't find all the items. Full sim stores; landing points often very far from the store (one shop never found amid all the buildings); many items NOT in the store and also so far away from the store that it was questionable if one was searching  the same land plot.  Several boxes under water, many made very very tiny and put inside other things; at least three repackaged so the "hunt item" wasn't even there.    MANY would have been impossible to find and buy (or touch to get - varies) without stellar camming skills.  Sometimes the hints were an integral part of finding the gift box; sometimes the hint was so vague it meant nothing.  

On the plus side there were many creators that put their gift box out on the entrance counter.  I didn't find any decoys (so hate decoys).   

As mentioned in the hunt store listing page, quite a few gifts were additional huds that worked on the current Uber release of that creator.  Many gifts were head-specific and wouldn't work with my  not-all-that-old Lelutka head.   

As an aside, there is a super cute box of life jackets (decor) at Madpea; perfect for boat people  or Belli folks with  stilts or houseboats. 

Photo credits:

SPIRIT - Toni skirt  and top (separates) [Maitreya Lara]
Amitie Tourist Map F 
EarthStones Sea Glass Bracelet - Fatpack 
Storybook - Insomnia - Eyebags w/ Veins - Allergy - Gift EvoX
[sau]Servalcat[Uber Aug 2021 Hunt Gift]
Sweetpearl Fusion - Fleur Light Gift

(not in hunt)

Black Forest Boulder 6 v.018

Pose by: Amitie (gift includes map (mod) and two sizes of poses


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