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Weekend Shopping - 9-25

I am getting in the mood for Fall, typically my favorite season.   With lots of stops on my shopping list this weekend, these were my final choices.

KraftWork Wicked Entrance Set . Wood Panel Light   

There are three panel tones to choose from. I picked the lightest.  BUT I was using the store's EEP setting and when I got back to my sim  the color was very light. No worries though as the wall panel is tintable.  Here I changed the colors of both main area and trim so you could see it is possible.  6 land impact for the wall panel with cloaks and corn deco; 2 li for the pumpkin in a bag (separate from the panel). 

[KuddelMuddel] VICTORIAN HOUSE Backdrop / Set A  (four versions in all - 13 LI)

I remembered this from a Shop and Hop from awhile back and knew I liked it very much.  After purchasing a message appeared saying that I already owned the item and giving me back my lindens.  Since the sets are no longer in my inventory it was a "redelivery" of sorts and I am happy to have them back. Bad, bad database. 

  A very pretty area with plenty of details, it is definitely something I will use again.

-David Heather-Umbre Bag/Mud

This is beautifully made and looks lovely in my décor styling, but BUT BUT ===

It is 40 land impact.  LOL. 

Now there were demos rezzed of all the various leathers available in the satchel set.  I was just getting "shopped out" and didn't look.  But I thought about it, and YES -- this is a wearable. 

While  we are talking about land impact, let's take a look at WHY this item is so "heavy".  

You can see from the triangle count that this highly detailed item is made very well; it is the lowest LOD setting being HIGH that most likely is the cause of the high land impact. So this item isn't "laggy" just because it is "primmy" LOL.   It is difficult for folks to understand that one doesn't necessarily point to the other. So this is a great example.    

The satchel holds it's shape for a VERY long distance at LOD2 and I suspect that it will do the same for those with very low  LOD settings.  So this isn't a bad thing; just a choice of the creator.   

For most folks wearing will be more practical than rezzing. 


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