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Summers are a change of pace in Second Life.  Some folks disappear for awhile and others come back with extra time on their hands. It is fun to work on some group photos again.  Today's offering isn't the best however. After an hour of getting set up the sim restart warning appeared.  I had to smile.

No one wanted to come back and start over and I got that, so we did the best we could in a few minutes.  There is still a scoop if not the very best photo composition and style.

SCANDALAIZE has a new group gift out.  Now, to be fair none of the gals knew if this Love robe was the new gift -- they hadn't been to the shop in a long while.  But this was the one they chose to show.  Their matching panties came with a net dress also on the wall. Both gifts have color huds with a large variety of choices.  The robe can had different colors of trim as well as having sparkles or no sparkles. it is really very pretty.  Find both robe and panties on the group gift wall, straight back from the entrance. 

FOXCITY. Photo Booth - The Lux (With projectors) 

There are plenty of lucky boards to watch. Find them directly above the gift area. You can just stand there and watch them too if you can cam :D.    

Poses by: Torridware, aDORKable


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