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The Beauty of Plants

My "filler" items in most stylings are plants and books.  I love plants in our corporeal world and I do read a lot -- although now it is digital where I can set the parameters of the text LOL.   So I was happy to find a new release from Mistral at Shiny Shabby.

The Mithral * Tiered Block Cactus Display comes in three packs with two choices of pot colors OR you can get the fatpack and "get one free".  I thought the fatpack was going to be scripted like the demo but it was not. It was the three different choices of pot duos. That works too; just letting you know. 

The default size is 5 li and fairly small. The size shown here is 8 li but there is plenty of detail in the potting group.  The LODs are made more for inside than for outside but as you enlarge from the default size they improve. These wouldn't grow well inside in my brick and mortar home, but in SL you can put them anywhere and they thrive. 

Trompe Loeil - Yelapa Cottage

Nutmeg. Midsummer Laze Daybed
Nutmeg. Potted Flower Gift 1


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