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Soft Shadows Old Memories

In case you missed it, Nutmeg put out a new group gift awhile back. The bench with cloth is separate from the basket. I wasn't too thrilled with the shape of the basket so I squished it down a bit. You can use "edit linked" to just change the basket height; the shadow is a separate piece.  

The group gifts have moved as the store has been redone.  All the gifts are now in crates. Some have pictures on them to let you know what is inside, others do not (yet).   They are still close to the landing point but kind of hidden so cam around or use area search to find the new spot or follow my arrow from the link above.  

My backdrop is the [AMBICE] - Beyondness Backdrop from last weekend.  That and getting Lani some new hair (she didn't even try the demo since I was in notebook minimal can't really move mode).  It is really lovely with lots more going on than you can see in this photo. So hopefully I will have another occasion to show it off soon.  I hope to see more from this new to me creator.  


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