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Fall Shopping Weekend Style

The temperature will be in the 90s today for the typist but I know that Autumn is on its way. There are some leaves sprinkled outside my front door.  Pumpkins and apples stands and cider and all those things that remind of us changing seasons are on their way.  


Eudora3D Ezra Boots Denim Edition BRS / Boxed      These come in themed mini hud packs and I chose the browns. The vendor is difficult to find but walk around the big square pillar at the landing point and they are on the pillar's back side.   

friday - Dotty Tights (Coffee)     A style with hearts is also available. These are BOM traditional tatoo layers in a big fatpack of useful (for me anyway) colors. They are fairly opaque and can work as "pants" for those dresses that aren't really dresses *wink*.

[Merak] - Autumn Truck Décor  This is 30 land impact rezzed. LODs are pretty good but the grid breaks up at a semi long distance. 

Pose by: aDORKable


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