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B&B Collaboration Styling Event

There is a fun new event going on featuring B&B member shops with styling by B&B bloggers.  Our mission sounded simple, but you know how that goes. 

Feature five B&B member brands (OK easy enough).
But ONLY those five brands (now it got a bit more difficult).
Both inside and outside stylings are part of the mix (OK a bit harder LOL).

It actually was  lots of fun along with the challenge -- and it wasn't that easy to find a group of items that worked well together and "flowed".  

The venue was put together by Heavenly Villa, featuring  the Laroquette Shop  by Spargel & Shine and hosted by Bloom!.   Posters out front are clickable and will give you a notecard with info on items and designers in that building.

Be sure and wander the yards to find some outdoor treasures. 

And there are some very nice gifts to pick up. Find them in the central courtyard.   These are just some of the presents available. More showed up over time :D.   


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