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Contests and Memory Lane Green Shoes

Baiastice_NeOkobo Shoes-Green

How do we know when a contest is real?

That could be a question for either world and the answer pretty much is -- we don't --unless of course WE WIN or  a friend. You get the idea. 

Sunday mid day SL time I got a message about a contest that I entered late in 1022 -- yep, not a typo. It came to my email as I was offline and said that and a contestant I need to come to the party where the winners would be revealed.  There was a long list of other things that MUST happen to even be in the running.  

Now this was a contest with a big payout -- not "your choice of fatpack" kinda thing.  I never actually believed it was "real" in that "I" could actually win scenario -- but hey, I like to be supportive from time to time.   

I reread all the criteria; most had been accomplished but one was joining Discord (which when the contest was running was not open from the link given -- OK, yeah there is that clue).   You needed to come in costume apparently with props. By that time I was in the "dare you" mode and was determined to complete the long list of MUSTS that were needed to qualify.   Digging into my inventory for an appropriate outfit was a journey. It was "fantasy" and while I have had a ton of great fantasy garb over the years, most was missing from inventory. 

That is one reason that I put in the EXACT names of products these days, simply for a searchable reference when "I" want to find things.  

Anyway I ended up with an appropriate but very vintage (as when mesh was new) look. One more check of on the list. Got my props together, resized and adjusted. One more done.

It turns out that the actual event site wasn't listed in the announcement I received this morning OR from the poster at the sim landing point announcing the event.  As the event time arose (I had less than two hours from the email to do all this understand) there was no one at the sim but me and the greeter bot.  So I wrote to the sim owner and asked about the event. She TPed me there.   Hmmmmmmmm. Remember you couldn't win unless you showed up.   

Onward --- there was a good crowd there which after seeing I derendered as it was very laggy.   I really disliked the music (all a matter of taste of course) but set through it for an hour to hear who had won.  Now in MY mind there was an oh so clear winner and it wasn't me. But beyond that?  From an artistic standpoint I should have received some prize along the way.   The photo had 9000 plus views and 300 liked and I don't "do" that you-like-me-I'll-like you" thing.  These having nothing to do with this contest but with a bit of bizarre serendipity.    

So not unexpectedly I did not win.

And that took me back to one of my first contests in SL  It was about fifteen years ago and the theme was "green shoes".  I might still have the photo somewhere but Flickr made me take it off my feed as I was sort of naked (no bits showing).  It was me as Chic with a green boa (Callie Cline) and a big pile of all sorts of green shoes.    The WINNER of that contest showed a photo of a gall sitting on a ledge with green shoes (yawn).  The funny part of the story was there was so much backlash about the winners and losers from folks that the contest leads decided to make a special prize for Chic.   Gotta smile at that. 

Twas an interesting day which was in part supposed to be about cleaning out me "to blog" folder which has things from months ago not moved to appropriate places.  Not a huge loss of excitement. 

I didn't find my original post easily but I did find a 2009 post about a tribute to Callie Cline. See it here.  I can still see the original in my head;  so cute.  Bad, bad Flickr.    

It should be noted that most of the shoes and boots in the photo are made from PRIMS.   Tiny pieces joined together to make what we thought looked smashing :D.   In order to take this photo Chic had to go to a sandbox, make a "private" backdrop cube, set everything up and then oh so quickly get naked, take a picture and put her texture clothes back on.  Oh the days!  


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