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Rosemary is an easy to grow perennial. It is hardy, grows very very quickly (both a good and bad thing) and can be left alone throughout the winter with minimal or no care. 

Now I don't like to EAT rosemary, but I like the smell and it is a "good energy" feng shui plant, especially by your front door.

I have two plants on my back deck.  They arrived last year from a friend and were tiny in four inch pots.  I really wanted larger ones but I planted the small-fries and let them grow up.  This year they are starting out at about 16 inches and look great along the side of the house. They will grow in sun or shade. My deck is mostly shaded until 3 pm when the sun comes around to the west and it can get really HOT.  Still they are happy.  

These very pretty virtual plants are the new group gift from Ariskea (low join fee and past gifts available). They feature rock mulch which mirrors my corporeal versions.  Good LODs and 1 land impact at real life sizes.

I am sure that in a couple of years my current plants will need to move to a more permanent area. Either side of my front stoup sounds like a plan. 

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