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In Memory Of

Filming today at 1 PM at Designing Worlds a memorial for LaPiscean Liberty. 

Above is a "photoshopped" painting of Lap's old profile photo.  I always hated it. Wished I had done this long ago and got him to change it out :D.

I won't be speaking today but I was talking with a friend who will and thinking about what I would say. In just a few words it would be "I learned so much from knowing him".  

As an artist who almost always looks beneath the surface I found it interesting that the two sides of the background of this work (painting out all the awful clutter in the background) became noticeably different. Were there two sides of Lap?  I think that would be an understatement. I beleive "myriad" would be a better term.  

I knew some very well. Still, I suspect that there were many more...


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