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Are you a bookworm?

As a child -- say 10  or 12 I devoured books. Two a day. Throughout life I have read for pleasure. Now I seldom read.

 Which do you prefer: hardcover, paperback or electronic? 
Hardcover. I don't do electronic. Paperbacks from the library are often past their prime by the time I see them.

Which book is your favorite?

The one novel that I own is an obscure book called The Bellwether.  I have read it several times. A friend who happened to own sheep bought a dozen copies of it and sent to friends. The book has very little to do with wooly animals and more to do with marching to your own drummer.

Which children’s book is your favorite?  

I read all (and I do mean all) the OZ books. My great grandmother and I would lie in our twin beds. She would read one chapter; I would read the next. And so it was.

What’s the last book you’ve read? 

I think it was rereading The Night Circus OR Ender's Game. Not sure.

Name your top five favorite writers:

I honestly don't remember many writer's names. I like Dan Brown and I read a LOT of sci-fi classics in my youth like Ray Bradberry.

Name a book that had a strong impact on you:

The Night Circus (see link above)

Favorite & least favorite book genres?

I pretty much like everything, it all depends on the quality of the writing. Not too big on historical novels. 

Do you go to the library?

I certainly HAVE in the past read through whole small libraries (one in Barbados, one in New Mexico). These days  -- the last few years honestly -- I can't seem to find much WORTH reading. Most things (for me) being published are saying the same things we have read before and not all that well.

How many books do you own?  

I am not a collector. A decade ago I sold or gave away most of my books. I kept ONE of each genre (novel, cook book, astrology, tarot, feng shui etc.) They all fit in a few inches in a tiny crate. So maybe a dozen.

If you were to write a book about Second Life, which topic would you focus on? 

It would definitely have something to do with virtual creativity *wink*.

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That's also why I tend to gravitate towards the used book store and dig up older books to read. They seem to keep my attention longer. Thanks for participating Chic!
Anonymous said…
Interesting choices I will definitely look out for 'The Bellwether'!

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