My Country

It's a big month for The Challenge with the theme being "From Your Country".

It was SO much fun to watch things coming in. Who knew where folks were from? Not "I".

I will have more to show you in upcoming posts but for now, here's the news.

From CLEO DESIGN (including top photo) a huge variety of items from TURKEY!   Now I have never been to Turkey but I had some close adventurous friends that visited a few decades ago and absolutely loved it. Some of these items will make it into the Marrakesh area of MOSP. Well they are neighbors of sorts and it seems to work *wink*.

These items are from Sway's. A tiny little half timbered summerhouse and a great fence set with tons of choices perfect for many styles of homes.

Details, we love 'em. These decorative plates are from Kuro.