The Arcade for March 2014

Heads up you Gatcha addicts -- new stuff is on the horizon at The Arcade.  Silly me! You KNEW that didn't ya?

Such a lovely photo. Light and shadow and while this looks like I used a grayscale filter, I did not.

In this post goodness from Second Spaces for The Arcade. Elle Kirshner has definitely made Queen status in the "all in the details" category. Oh, maybe that is more of an Academy Awards thing. Anyway, great stuff is on the coming your way.

The theme is bathroom and of course the items are all very low prim as well as being chocked full of details. I am on public record as not being a gatcha gal, but this one would work for me. My personal rule is that if you would be happy with ANY of the prizes, it is a good gatcha. Now I KNOW that is not the point for many, but hey -- we all have our quirks.

So get ready to fight for a spot on the sim and then go out to coffee while things rez -- well maybe breakfast or lunch. I know you will have a STUPENDOUS time. That's what counts.

Tub in the top shot is Trompe Loeil
Sink and shower from Cheeky Pea

No hair or pose was used in the making of this post *wink*.