Shopping is the theme for this month's The Challenge. In the background we have a stylish little shop from Black Tulip along with the terrifically clever security gate from 22769 and some beautifully made display cases from [hate this]. I am giving out extra bonus points this month as the theme was a toughie -- at least it certainly seemed that way to me.

From Kuro there is this detailed notepad and coin set. Note the lovely wood on the [ht] display tables. Two other finishes are available.

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My young geeky guy is wearing  some sleek attire from Ducknipple, the Master Jacket. Not only is the leather yummy and the hoodie in back very convincing, it has enough choices to keep a guy in new looks all season. There are twelve (12!) jacket colors and twelve hoodie colors. So for folks that hate to shop and don't want to be wearing the same thing every day -- well this is the answer.

Pose by: Diesel Works