Don't Panic at Pulse

Weekend fun includes a romp over at Pulse where "Don't Panic" has been going on for awhile. If you have played the previous Halloween games, you know the drill  -- well sort of.

This version is a bit more high tech with voiceovers "from the van" along the way. There are also hints that appear in the chat bar and even a HELP button (so far not used) on your PKE meter.

The rules are pretty simple really. Mesh viewer (well duh!), low or no scripts (check), no huds or facelights (check). Sounds up, music down or off (the parcel stream is just a radio station and not part of the event -- unless someone is really, REALLY crafty LOL).

I am tastefully attired in old non-scripted garb. No mesh hands or feet. Minimal outfit (I dressed down) by Paradisis ; hair by Discord Design -- which happily worked perfectly with the headset (part of the game).

Read all about the event here.

Keep your eyes open for rats along the way. They hold prizes from several merchants!

Now the game is much maze and definitely non-sequential; both of my adventure game downfalls. So I am not sure if I will finish. But so far I have two three parts of eight things I need. Then of course it is likely that there is more after that. The blog says two hours -- well yep maybe if you know where you are going LOL, but I expect to be there much longer. Actually I am just leaving myself there on logout -- at least for awhile.


Well I somehow managed to finish without cheating. In fact several folks followed behind me to get places. However ---- I also apparently missed a section or two of the story. I only found 4 of the eight items needed. Used logic to do a puzzle that I had three of four parts to (bad idea). I may or may not return. I actually did quite well and never did use that help button  -- whatever it may do.

The really good new for me is that I got this cute little fellow as a prize.

He may look familiar to you as his brothers and sisters were over at Fright Fest. I wanted one SO BAD. And now I have one. He is tiny as kitties will be and a little primmy as he is animated --  but hey, SO CUTE!  Now there are lots of other great prizes  -- many which I apparently missed as they have numbers. I didn't pay attention to where any were except this guy. So for you cat lovers, my hint is "wine bottles".  

Poses by: LAP (nla)