The Mystical Searcher

Mystique and the search for knowledge come together on this quiet eve.

From Senzafine we have the Elaisse gown available in many lovely color combinations. It is of course long (well, you knew that I bet).  Find it along with other releases at The Mystic Realms Faire which opens sometime today.

And while you are waiting for that opening date, zip on over to the RMK Halloween event and try your luck at picking up this wonderful Spellcraft Book of Shadows. The gacha item is one of many redeemable prizes from the games and activities. The product is available at the market in town. There is more info on how that works here, or ask your Japanese friends.

Update: A guide to the RMK event is now up here. In English! Yeah! 
Prize preview is here.

Now you probably already spied the fantastic  Roawenwood stargazer's telescope set. The details are superb. It can be yours on the Madpea Greenmire hunt. There are two paths on this hunt with Roawenwood being in the skeptics. Here is more info if you want to give it a try.

Poses by: Glitteratti (nla)