Mystic Realms Faire Sneak Peek

The Mystic Realms Faire opens on the 10th. With two full sims of small shops there will be lots to explore. Sim 1 features a town village and across the river Sim 2 (shown above) is more countryside.

Even if you aren't into role play, you will want to venture over. It is so very rich in texture with materials evident and working perfectly.  Now there is a warning along with my "must see" declaration. Sim 2 especially is very texture dense. I actually crashed taking this photo on my brand new and very hefty graphics card. It WAS Sunday, but still.

If your machine is of the older variety, do yourself a favor and wait a bit for the crowds to thin. We all know that role players seldom get the dress down idea *wink*; just part of their character I guess.

I have some lovely goodness to feature from the faire, so stay tuned ...

and think MYSTICAL!