A Tattered Page - Dark Skin and Golden Eyes

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I grew up with Bradbury and Heinlein, Herbert and Card. Tucked away in my 5 x 8 room I journeyed to far away places no one had ever seen. I roamed spaceships and met alien races -- and sometimes wondered it if the future would be as writers imagined.

A Tattered Page opens today. This round's book is Ray Bradbury's, The Martian Chronicles. As I reread the pages I had visited a few decades ago I watched for hints as to who I might be in my role as chronicler.

Dark skin. Golden eyes.

It echoed in my mind.

I have left myself in the dark library as I type, lit only by the golden light of the Martian sun. Well, perhaps it is only the amber tones of the stained glass, but the feeling is the same -- magical.

I love the idea that designers find inspiration in written words. Don't miss a visit to see which prosaic passages became their muse.

I am wearing the Roawenwood Moody Martian Mask; the Discontent version as the Martians didn't seem to be the happiest of folk, at least in Heinlein's view. It comes with a color change hud; I of course chose gold.

Dark skin. Golden eyes.

My eyes are part of a mask and makeup set from Chaos, Panic & Disorder.

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Hair by EMO-tions
Pose by: Beehive