Kitchens. Those of us that cook are very picky about that room.

Now I have to admit this is a super fast post, one done on the fly as this new kitchen island from Second Spaces just came in and I am way past "quiting time". I noted in the background of this lead photo other items out on my building pad in the background. If you are a blogger, you likely know how that goes. You can see the great island; that is really all that matters. We do what we can do and in a time crunch this is it.

Find it in either recycled wood or white (shown) at Second Spaces for The Neighborhood. 

The island comes with a fun saying on the chalkboard. A plain texture is included so you can add your own saying or just make it plain if that is your style. For me? This works just fine.

I am in a very lovely house made for A Tattered Page.  It has been sitting on my building pad for many days waiting for a pairing to come along. If you  are a blogger, you likely know how THAT can be also.

The Anachron - Soft Rains House - Clean Version has beautiful lines and fine textures. It is light and airy -- homey at the same time. While it has a bit of a "modern" feel, it could fit into many times and places.

67 land impact -- and that includes a pretty spectacular kitchen!

There is also a scorched version of this house which goes along with the Ray Bradbury story, There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury (in The Martian Chronicles).

My outfit is great but there is already a post in the queue, so tune in Monday!

Poses by: the mixing bowl