Simple Things

I am a believer in simple things. Clean lines, reminders of the past -- both work for me. I don't like icing on my cake; I do love my cake however.  Out from flowey for COLLABOR88, unico chairs. An educated guess tells me the name refers to the leg shape *wink*. Nicely done with simply lines and some very nice poses, it is a multipurpose chair fit for home or photo shoots. A variety of pastel colors are available.

From Second Spaces for TLC, a great little shabby chic daybed with poses and subtle animations for girls and boys and couples.

This bed has been handed down through the generations. Filled with history and new fabric upgrades, it is ready to be part of your world.

The room divider also whispers of times long past. Both are available in dark tones as well as light.

Poses by: the chair and Diesel Works

The simple top, skirt and belt (all one garment) is new from Ducknipple.  The Liz set comes with a hud of course, but wait for it ......

there are TWELVE colors for the top and TWELVE for the skirt. That is a lot of combos!  Dress it up, dress it down, add a scarf or you favorite jewelry. It is ready to be a palette -- in just about any color you can imagine.

My hair is that new release from ExXeSs, JEZINKA; I LIKE IT!
Shoes from Plastik (former hunt gift)