The Mesh Project - Full Body Mesh 2015

Mesh bodies abound these days and while I haven't purchased any, I have tried most of them. Strawberry did a very nice photo showing the differences in the bodies (and there are many): I appreciated that input. Such a popular gal. She works hard and deserves the kudos she garners!

The update to the The Mesh Project body came to me in the mail (plain brown wrapper and all, ya know). But even though I had been over to the shops VERY recently, I still didn't have the newest hud. Hmmmmmm. So a trip over and much looking and I finally found it. I have to say that while the body is very nice the shopping is a pain (well, honestly even after a dozen trips over there -- it is).

The GOOD news is that the retro neck (I like my face just fine thank you) is much improved (no Photoshopping in this pic). There still isn't a color anywhere near my regular skin so we are in tan mode once again.

I was very interested to see how garments would work with this body since the free version has no alpha layer options built in. While I am sure there must be something out there that would work, Chandra's group gift which fit me very much like a second skin on my system body, did NOT work at all.

I felt a little odd when I first put the mesh body on. Even though I had changed the feet and tweaked the shape for a former edition of the body I felt way too long and thin. So I added a few pounds here and there and that was better.

I picked up the male body while I was at The Shops, and I will try that out soon.

My super sexy prop for this shoot is the new Kezia Bed from Trompe Loeil for FaMESHed which comes in several styles, two tones and of course PG and A versions. There are add on ambient maps if you want to make your own textures.

Animations abound!!!!!!

My hair is a new release from eXxEsS, JEZINKA which is OMG -- SHORT!  I love it.

Boa by deviousMind
Poses by: the bed