Tick Tock

Time marches on.

We can't catch it.

It is always just out of reach.

From ArisAris, the Feelingly dress with six texture options by hud. It really was difficult to choose. Choose from a black and white version to cover all your basic needs. Or pink and deep red for romance. Add two textures in earthy colors and you have plenty of choices.

The Isabelle clock with selves and books from {what next) comes in many choices of finishes and includes with and without chime versions. Texture-changing parts for the clock face, books decor and inside shelving. Find it at The Liaison Cooperative.

Now there have been some great new releases from Bliensen + MaiTai lately; they just haven't been for "my" feet. So, we are going to PRETEND.  This Rumba style for 21 shoe would look perfect with my dress above -- so check them both out!

Here are all the options:

rigged shoes for:
Slink feet (high resp. flat)
TMP The Meshproject/The Shops (Ouch! resp. flat)

non-rigged shoes for:
Belleza Venus
Maitreya Lara
CMFF mbody
(all sized and adjusted for shoe-size 0)

Pose by: Diesel Works