LBD Revisited

There is a new Little Black Dress in town. Lots of sleek retro styling with a tuxedo flair. ArisAris Gangsta Girl debuts at the Gansta Fair opening the 25th. This link takes you to the event page AND info on a photo contest. We love those!  I have no link but you guys are good little sleuths so I know you will be able to find it from my breadcrumbs.

The outfit includes a very cool fedora and rigged (and non rigged) boots in a variety of sizes.  Some very cute nylons with garters are also included but I used the ones from my Lara body as of course texture stuff doesn't work for me :D.

So get your gansta on!

Poses by: Helamiyo "Little Black Dress" for the Black Fashion Fair  (five pack set with mirrors.